As a wealthy person, what are your tips for financial independence?

Retirement. Whoever thought that was a good idea? Resign, revise, retool, redesign. Honestly, you’ll probably hit your stride after several years of experience. I did. Why give up the earnings? And with income you’ll hit financial independence sooner. Contentment. Reduce how much money you need to be happy and you reduce how much you need READ MORE

How often can you make a profit when putting a minimum down payment on a house then renting it out for the mortgage plus some?

You can buy a rental home with a 20% down payment, but the mortgage rate is significantly better with a 25% down payment; the difference between the two scenarios is about .25% in rate. When you buy a rental property, your required monthly payment will be the loan payment plus taxes and insurance, but a READ MORE

Why can’t the average person (or millennial) afford to buy a home like back in the day?

The biggest factor? US housing prices are rising twice as fast as wages Yep, the United States housing prices are rising far faster than wages…meaning, that if you rely on a wage-based income, home prices are fast becoming out of your reach. But this is a pattern we’ve been seeing for quite some time… Lets just READ MORE

Maximize your cashflow by investing in garages and warehouses

Maximize Rents and Increase Values When evaluating deals, especially in today’s over-priced market, you need to find ways to make additional income that most other landlords somehow miss. One of the most valuable strategies that comes to mind for getting the highest and best use out of a property is renting out garages. If I READ MORE

How to do short-term vacation rentals on VRBO / Homeaway

VRBO is part of the HomeAway family, the world’s most comprehensive, trusted source for vacation rentals. VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner, easy enough, right? Over 44 million people visit the HomeAway/VRBO websites each month so you will have no problem getting eyes on your vacation rental properties when using their listing service. In READ MORE